Joga Yoga  for Baby


Bond with your baby physically and spiritually. All learning is based on the relationship. 

        Begin your relationship with calm and centering yoga in a nurturing environment. 

            Diaper changes and feedings in the middle of class are welcomed and accepted. 


How does Joga Yoga help?

  • The classes help new moms recover from pregnancy and nursing 
  • Yoga can improve your baby’s digestion, relieve fussiness,and improve sleep 
  • Move at your baby's pace because your baby is unique 
  • Stimulate your baby's first communication skills like eye contact, cooing, reaching, repeating, and copying 
  • Yoga establishes the synaptic connections that develop your baby's brain (which, at this stage, absorbs everything like a sponge) 
  • Your infant will enjoy the process, learn to predict what comes next (an important part of learning) and grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically from the yoga routine 
  • Many poses consist of you holding your baby while in a position designed to align and strengthen your body
  • When you practice yoga with your baby, you'll feel and look better. It's a great way to get back into shape 
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you will get out of doing yoga with your baby is the bonding time that is not feeding, changing diapers, and other habitual routine tasks 

New JoGa YoGa™ classes are beginning now.  We have Classes designed for all ages. Birthday parties and the opportunities for FREE classes are also available. 

Pre-registration recommended Classes fill up fast.

Fill out your registration form today and we can design a JoGa YoGa™ class schedule that is just right for you.


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